Minister   waunnew

The Rev. Dr. Maurine (Renee) C. Waun, has been in ministry in the Pittsburgh area since her ordination in 1981.  She has served East Suburban UU Church since 1999.  She has come to us from the mainstream church from which she eventually took leave for reasons of conscience.  Although she is devoted to this church full time, her paid service is one-third time. Dr. Waun officiates on the first Sunday of every month, plus other occasional Sundays, and is available for counsel at  Dr. Waun is also available as an officiant for weddings, for more information click hereDr. Waun also has helped start a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda.  The administration of this work has been shifted to the charity All We Are.

Programs, Administration & Operations

Church business is handled by a Board of Directors, which consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Chair, Facilities Chair, Community Facilitator & Religious Education Chair.  Our current “org chart” shows you how our Committees, Chairs, and Board are organized. You can reach a Board member via the email links on the “Our Elected Leaders” web page.