ESUUC’s Search Committee members are pleased to inform the congregation that a ministerial candidate has been chosen to present to the congregation for a vote. She is Rev. Stephanie Gannon. She will be delivering a sermon on Sun., July 15 and will be available after the service during refreshments in the Community Room.

Afterwards the members will have a final say by way of a congregational vote.

If the vote is positive, based on by-laws, a contract will be drawn up between our congregation and her. A team has already been named to perform this task: Gayle Pamerleau, Betty Rostcheck and Glenn Klepac.

The Search Committee feels strongly Stephanie will be a good fit for our congregation. Her leadership style is collaborative; she makes others feel welcome and cared for; she listens, takes feedback and critique very well; has a calming personality; gives respect, warmth and empathy; she empowers others. She has a very strong background and work experience in counseling and pastoral care. She felt a call UU to ministry in 2011 after nearly a decade of lay leadership in her UU home congregation in New York.Now she does challenging work as a UU chaplain on inpatient psychiatric units at the Veterans Administration here in Pittsburgh.

We would like to give a brief overview of what the Search Committee has done over the past year. We began meeting on June 20th of 2017. Since then we have met 1-2 times a month with a total of 18 meetings, to understand and implement the process of the search. In addition to these meetings we consulted with other congregations, read and re-read UUA guidelines (which recommends Search Committee members be relieved of all other church duties and commitments) developed, held focus group meetings, distributed and analyzed the survey and focus group responses, traveled to other churches to see our candidates (1 -30 minutes away and 1- was an hour away) , 2- 2 hour interviews and reference call checks.

Our mission was to find the best candidate for our church with the goals and the needs of our congregation as a whole in mind. We believe we have found that candidate. Please show your love, support and dedication to ESUUC by coming to see Stephanie preach on July 15 and use our fifth principle by casting your vote that day also!

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy R, Marylyn D, Mary KS, Alan H, Gayle FP, Melissa AF, and Jane L

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