Author: esuuc_fuxtms

ESUUC Annual Business Meeting

June 11, 2023 12:00 PM. It will be at the church and available via the church’s Zoom room. In order to vote at this year’s meeting, you must be present at the church or vote via Zoom. For information about voting see the June … read more.


Mark your calendars for General Assembly 2023, coming to Pittsburgh on June 21-25! The website has overall info and info on participating. We’ll post more info in our ESUUC newsletter starting in January 2023.

ESUUC is Open

After consulting with the Re-opening Team and Sunday Services Committee, the ESUUC Board voted to open
the doors for Sunday morning services. We will still meet on Zoom as we have been, but with the option of
being together in the Sanctuary. See the December newsletter … read more.