(aka Stewardship campaign, canvass)

The 2021-2022 pledge drive is in progress, and runs March 21 – May 2, 2021. It is that time when we ask members and friends for financial support of the church and our mission:

ESUUC is a haven that nurtures open-minded spiritual and philosophical journeys and advocates for a just, inclusive world.

The drive runs from March-April 2021 and is for the stewardship of the coming fiscal year, July 1 2021 – June 30, 2022.

Instructions and materials:

  1. Read/view:
    1. Coverletter from President Jennifer H
    2. Brochure, including message from Rev. Stephanie G
    3. Video from Melissa A-F answering “What is a canvass and what are you asking for?” (1min 40 sec)
  2. Sign up for a “Cottage Conversation” if you’d like to:
    • visit in-person or on Zoom,
    • share feedback about the current year, and
    • share input about the coming year.
  3. Complete the Pledge form online
    • OR print the Brochure & scan or mail in your completed pledge form
  4. Complete the “Our Gifts & Commitments” survey online
  5. Plan to attend these important meetings <start times and durations still TBD> for the next church year:
    1. Sunday May 23 – Town Hall – discuss proposed plans, Officers, and Budget for the next church year
    2. Sunday June 6 – Annual Meeting – vote on Officers and Budget for the next church year

Thank you for your support of ESUUC.

If you have any questions, email Jennifer or Marianne: Canvass@esuuc.org