(aka Stewardship campaign, canvass)

Our 2023-2024 pledge drive began March 19, 2023 and goes until May 7th. During that time we ask members and friends for financial support of the church and our mission.

Our covenantal faith creates community, thrives with community! And being in community includes a sense of stewardship for what we care about- each other, our building, our programs and activities.

A big part of what we will be able to do comes from the donations from members and friends and this is the time when we ask you to give to our congregation. We understand that some of us have faced adversity and will be giving less. If this is not your situation, I encourage you to give 2% more this year or even more as you are able.

Please see below for the brochure, and the live links to Melissa A-F’s video and the pledge form.

With gratitude for being part of this faith community that aligns my core values with our programming. Looking forward to 2023-2024!

Instructions and materials:

  1. Read/view & Complete the Pledge Form included in the brochure:
    1. Brochure can by viewed by using this link to the brochure.
    2. Video from Melissa A-F answering “What is a canvass and what are you asking for?” (1min 40 sec)
  2. Complete the online Pledge Form by using this link to the online Pledge Form
    • OR print the Brochure & scan or mail in your completed pledge form
  3. Plan to attend these important meetings for the next church year:
    1. Sunday May 21 – Town Hall – discuss proposed plans, Officers, and Budget for the next church year
    2. Sunday June 11 – Annual Meeting – vote on Officers and Budget for the next church year

Thank you for your support of ESUUC.

If you have any questions, email Jennifer: Canvass@esuuc.org