The Zoom Service Committee is making a couple changes to our Sunday programming starting in JULY. These changes are aimed at increasing engagement within our ESUUC community and are being made following the congregation-wide survey.
We look forward to virtually seeing you in the coming months.
ESUUC Pre-Service will start at 10am – Ever find yourself sitting at your computer on Sunday mornings watching the clock on just waiting for 10:30 to arrive? Lucky you. Starting in July, ESUUC will move to having a pre-service starting at 10am before the shared pulpit service. During this time we will join with our ESUUC community to share announcements as well as joys and concerns.

Breakout rooms during community time – Ever find yourself in a Zoom
discussion of 20 people struggling to find the right time to share your
thoughts? Lucky you. Starting in July, we will utilize breakout rooms with
smaller groups during ESUUC Community time following the shared
pulpit services. We hope the smaller groups will allow for better
discussion of sermon talk-back and other topics.

ESUUC lay-led service 3rd Sunday of the month – Ever find yourself longing for the days of ESUUC services on Sardis Road? Sorry, we aren’t going back to the church building yet, but lucky you, we will be having an ESUUC lay-led service on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The shared pulpit services have served, and will continue to serve, as a crucial part of allowing us to continue weekly Sunday programming. At the same time, we hope that having a service once a month specific to ESUUC will help maintain connection within our community.

Other available services include:

  • We encourage the use of on-line Sunday Programs in the Pittsburgh area, the list with associated links can be found on the UU Pittsburgh cluster’s website at
  • We also encourage use of the Church of the Larger Fellowship service and how to connect to this can also be found here.