These are the current Social Action opportunities at ESUUC.

Join ESUUC’s “UU the VOTE PA” team to complete non-partisan* efforts to ensure a democratic election, including our special ESUUC “Mail-In Voting Outreach” for which we received a $500 grant from UU Funding (more details will be added to this page over the next week)!

  1. Sign up with Team Leader Marianne: email
  2. Help “UU the Vote PA” Meet Our Goal of involving 1,000 Pennsylvanian UUs in 3 Easy Steps:
  3. Make a donation to UU the Vote.

The goal for “UU the VOTE PA” is to get pledges of time and treasure from 1000 UUs which is 20% of each congregation’s membership!

ESUUC is currently at: 4% (2/43 as of 9/17/2020)

*Note: you are welcome to engage in partisan election social action, but you must do so on your own time. All efforts promoted by ESUUC must remain non-partisan. “UU the VOTE PA” is part of “UU the VOTE.”

** UUJusticePA is the new name for UUPLAN (UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network)