Brenda S

Thankful: Cultivating a Timeless Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving, Brenda S. facilitates a service focused on gratitude, featuring a sermon from Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette. There will also be chances for participation, including a gratitude exercise.

Granny and the Demon

In honor of Halloween, Brenda S brings us an offbeat tale from Twitter, in which an old woman inadvertently summons a demon, and mistakes it for her grandson. Join us for a clever story about how expectations shape our lives — and maybe even after.

Trek to ESUUC

We’ve all had different faith journeys on our way to Unitarian Universalism. Brenda S.’s started on a starship: Star Trek’s famous starship Enterprise. She will discuss how exposure to Star Trek, and its fans, helped to shape and reinforce the values that eventually led her to become a UU. Join us — it’s only logical!

A Time to Be (Re)born

This Easter, Brenda S. looks at the themes of rebirth and renewal embodied not only in Easter, but also in many other spring holidays both religious and secular. As the world is reborn all around us, how can we find renewal and new purpose in our own lives? All ages are welcome.

Christmas Vigil

The story- and song-centered service we traditionally hold on Christmas Eve is presented — this year it’s a few days early to make it easier see the children’s story “The Legend of Old Befana,” by Tomie dePaola. All ages are welcome!

Making Our Own Traditions – Shared pulpit

Sometimes the tried-and-true rituals aren’t quite right or aren’t enough. How does one begin a new tradition? Have you ever done so? What do the traditions we create tell about our values?

Farewell and Welcome Back

As we re-open the church for in-person attendance, we also begin an exciting NEW phase of our ministry by offering multi-platform services. So join us in-person OR on-line as we kick off a new church year! Brenda S. leads a discussion of all the changes we’ve gone through in the past year, and the challenges … Continued

Paying it Forward

Many of us are familiar with the concept of “paying it forward”; that is, returning a kindness, not to the giver, but to another person. Where did the term originate, and what role does “paying it forward” play in our everyday lives? How might a shared ethos of “paying it forward” make ours a better, kinder, and more fulfilling world?

Holiday Play: “Live From Judea,”

Brenda S and the talented actors of ESUUC bring you a new holiday play. Reporters from the popular news program, “Live From Judea,” broadcast the latest news from this corner of the Roman Empire. What’s the story with all the kings suddenly showing up in the remote, and humble, town of Bethlehem? Our top experts … Continued