Speaker: Elizabeth Reilly

Archetypes of Spirituality

This service explores wisdom from four main modalities or archetypes that can provide us with a deeper connection to spirituality and transcendence.

Reproducing Theology: The Sacred Choices

Looking for miracles in our modern world, for proof of a creative Power and Force that invites us to participate in bending the moral arc of the universe? How about our bodies, ourselves? We will explore the theological “case” and moral underpinnings for the sacred … read more.

Awake and Arise

The eternal wisdom of the Easter story calls us to do more than ‘resist.’ Without more, ‘Resistance is futile.’ Rather, we are called to awaken to new possibility: one that moves to a call beyond our day-to-day imaginings, one that insists that our work be … read more.

The Stories That Stick

We may think of stories as what help put us to sleep. Instead, let’s explore how stories lead us into awakening, by helping us live within the challenging moments of transition. More information can be found in April’s newsletter.

The Power of Maybe

These are times that continuously and urgently call us to adapt radically in the midst of unimagined stresses. We yearn to be resilient and willing to respond with a resounding “yes! and……” and not the defensive, selfprotective “no”. But how do we get from our … read more.