Kate CP

What Does It Mean to ‘Become Whole’?

Join Kate CP as she explores the monthly Soul Matters topic of Wholeness. The book, Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to Individuation will be discussed. Disclaimer: Kate is not a Psychologist, but she is a UU personally fascinated by this topic.

Where Do You Stand on the Holidays?

Please join us for a beloved ESUUC take on, Where Do You Stand. Do you celebrate any holidays between November 1st and January 1st? Do you celebrate more than one? Do you find the holiday season stressful? Do you prefer jellied or whole berry cranberry sauce? Have you ever kissed someone under the mistletoe? Did … Continued

Soul Matters: What does it mean to be a people of VISION?

Kate CP will facilitate the first of the monthly theme-based services developed by the UUA. Incorporating a model of sharing: worship material, sermons and readings, we will join 145 other UU churches exploring a variety of topics each month. Despite the distances between us, we are spiritually connected by the themes, traveling each month on … Continued