Speaker: Marylyn D

What Social Justice Issue Interests You?

Marylyn D. will do a short intro to UU Justice PA (formerly UUPLAN): what it is and the 6 justice issues that they focus on. Then she will talk about the PA legislative gift ban bill, because, as she says, bribing our representatives should never be legal. 

Poems of Comfort and Hope

Marylyn D shares poems with us that she has collected over the many years of Adult Religious Classes offered by our church. When she needs comfort and hope in her life, she reaches for these poems to give her guidance, peace and progress.

The Bail Trap – Shared pulpit

In America, we learn that you are innocent until proven guilty. But sadly, that only seems to apply to the rich. You will see three short videos explaining the unfair bail system that operates in most states including Pennsylvania.

Solidarity, not Solitary

In these times of pandemic, perhaps you can imagine spending a total day inside. Now picture months, years in a tiny jail cell. Listen to the facts about solitary confinement in PA prisons and how we might address this inhumane practice. Marylyn D is a … read more.

Soul Matters – Journey

How might we accompany each other and our neighbors more faithfully? There are so many different ways to walk together in faith. Today Marylyn D and Kathy
R will explore this month’s Soul Matters theme of Journey.

UU Views of Prayer

Marylyn D will present several UU responses to the question of prayer. Come, listen and share your views on the subject.

Slow Down. You Move Too Fast

Slow down, you move to fast are words from a Paul Simon Song from the past. And yet, we seem to be moving faster than ever. Marylyn D will lead us in some relaxation exercises and meditation hoping to achieve more peace in our lives.