Marylyn D

Soul Matters – Journey

How might we accompany each other and our neighbors more faithfully? There are so many different ways to walk together in faith. Today Marylyn D and Kathy R will explore this month’s Soul Matters theme of Journey.

UU Views of Prayer

Marylyn D will present several UU responses to the question of prayer. Come, listen and share your views on the subject.

Slow Down. You Move Too Fast

Slow down, you move to fast are words from a Paul Simon Song from the past. And yet, we seem to be moving faster than ever. Marylyn D will lead us in some relaxation exercises and meditation hoping to achieve more peace in our lives.

To Honor Those Who Have Served

Because it is Memorial Day weekend, we wish to honor those who have served their country in the military. Please bring mementos, and stories of your relatives and friends to share with the rest of the congregation.