Rev. Dr. von Schlichten

Transformative Kindness: How to Respond to People Insisting on Hate

It’s easy to be kind to kind people, but what about those who insist on not being kind? What about people who embrace racism, sexism, or some other toxic ideology? What about bullies? Drawing from brilliant African American champions of justice, we will explore the power of transformative kindness in response to hate

Stone Soup: Working Together to End the Four Kinds of Hunger

There are numerous ways to be hungry. We will examine four kinds of hunger and how we can combine our ingredients to feed ourselves and one another. NOTE this is also Stone Soup Sunday.  See the newsletter for details.

Practicing Allyship: Lessons from Artists

We will explore what it means to be an ally of an oppressed group, drawing from writers, musicians, painters, and other artists for inspiration and guidance for head, heart, and soul.

The Borderlands: Beauty and Wisdom from the LGBTQIA+ Community

We are happy to welcome back David VonSchlicten to our pulpit. He will join us in person. VonSchlichten will draw from the work of Lesbian Chicana Gloria AnzaldĂșa to celebrate the beauty of diversity and for wisdom for reducing gun violence

The Joy of the Mystery: Women, Mysticism, and Hope

Mystics have a special connection to the divine. They come in all genders and are found in many of the world’s religions. Dr. Dave will highlight five women mystics from across the centuries and what secrets and wisdom they have to share about experiencing joy through intimacy with the divine and embodying social justice.

The Power of Ecowomanist Spirituality

Ecowomanist spirituality looks at how Black women have been oppressed by White patriarchy in ways similar to how White patriarchy has desecrated the environment. Empowering Black women through listening to their stories and honoring their spiritualities can help to advance racial equity, gender equity, and greater care for the planet. Come learn from these brilliant … Continued

Advent & Awe

Surprise and Subversion. Advent is about the coming of the divine into our lives, often unexpectedly. Dr. von Schlichten will be drawing from several religious traditions as he focuses on how the divine often surprises us and even empowers us to be subversive forces for political and social change for the better.