Speaker: Rev. Dr. von Schlichten

Solar Eclipses

Solar Eclipses: how have people interpreted these throughout history? What do solar eclipses and other phenomena in the sky have to do with our spirituality? We shall shed some light on this topic!


Drawing from Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, and other thinkers, we will consider how Black women have often been horribly mistreated and how they have led the way in social justice in America.

The Love of Animals

In a world of pain from humans, many of us receive liberating love from pets and other animals. Dr. Dave will reflect on our relationships with non-human animals.

The Manifesting Mystery

The idea of being able to manifest your dreams just by visualizing them is trendy, but what problems are there with the idea? Does manifesting really work? We will consider the good and bad of manifesting and how it pertains to our spiritual lives and … read more.

War and Peace

What does Tolstoy’s famous novel have to teach us about the current crisis with Ukraine and Russia? We will explore what this famous book offers our souls as we work for equity and justice.

Champions of Vulnerability

We will explore how being more vulnerable is essential to working toward equity for all and helping to take better care of the planet. We will focus on Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, and Vandana Shiva.