Rev. Dr. von Schlichten

The Power of Ecowomanist Spirituality

Ecowomanist spirituality looks at how Black women have been oppressed by White patriarchy in ways similar to how White patriarchy has desecrated the environment. Empowering Black women through listening to their stories and honoring their spiritualities can help to advance racial equity, gender equity, and greater care for the planet. Come learn from these brilliant … Continued

Advent & Awe

Surprise and Subversion. Advent is about the coming of the divine into our lives, often unexpectedly. Dr. von Schlichten will be drawing from several religious traditions as he focuses on how the divine often surprises us and even empowers us to be subversive forces for political and social change for the better.

A New Table: How You Can Help to End Gender-Based Violence

Much violence in our society is gender-based. Women and members of the transgender community are far more likely to be victims of violence, and cisgender men are far more likely to be perpetrators. This trend is rooted in how our society understands gender. If we can change the understanding, we can greatly reduce violence. Dr. … Continued