Speaker: Rev. Waun

Would You Believe?

Let’s think about how our beliefs shape our reality and how that affects our day to day lives. Is it all in our minds?

My Heart Changed My Mind

In today’s busy pace of living we need balance, which also includes that between our feelings and our thoughts. Sometimes we need to listen to one and the other to gain that balanced perspective.

Feeling Stupid

When we do things that embarrass us or make us feel awkward and silly, how do we talk to ourselves to get our confidence back?

Marvelous Morocco

Just back from Morocco, Dr. Waun will share the beauties and the challenges of this northern African country, plus we will observe our annual Sunflower Ceremony where we remember and name the loved ones we have lost during the past year.

Walking the Other Way

In observance of International Gandhi Day (Oct 2) we will hear the compelling story of how the Mahatma came to “be the change he wanted to see” in the world. After the service, we will re-dedicate the International Peace Pole which is located just outside … read more.

Crossing Religious Boundaries

We live in a pluralistic world of many religions, and several of them are at war with one another. Is it possible to dialogue and coexist while still holding on to our own truth? It is also Water Communion Sunday. Bring a vial of water … read more.

Madam President

Dr. Waun will have just returned from the annual business meeting of the UUA in New Orleans where a new President will have been elected – chosen from among three women – and hopefully more progress will have been made on the issues of inclusiveness; … read more.

All in the Family

Scientists have shown where chimpanzees share over 98% of our human DNA, but we know also that we are closer to other human beings than can probably imagine. Who is our human “family”?

Five Types of Grown

Every congregation grows in different ways; not just numerically. In fact, there are five ways that can be counted as “growing” that can be identified based on work from the Alban Institute. So, let’s not just count noses; let’s see what else counts.

Behind the Change

We go through many changes throughout our lives, but does that make someone a different person, or just make that person a truer and truer representation of who they really are apart from all the changes? Who are we in our most authentic self?