Out of the Box Service

Join us as we create our own service. Everyone comes into the space and a box with instructions for taking worship “out of the box” is used. Presented by Kate CP and Kathy R.

Getting Along When You Disagree

We live in contentious times. How do you keep the lines of communication open with neighbors, friends, or even family, when they do not share your views? Why should you try? Brenda Shiring offers some concrete suggestions, with the help of recent magazine articles.

Meditation with Sponges and Shovels

“Wax on, wax off…don’t forget to breathe, very important.” Remember those famous words from The Karate Kid? What were Mr. Miyagi’s lessons all about? Please join us for a Sunday Community Service Project, right on Sardis Road. Come prepared to enjoy the company of friends and break a little sweat caring for our beloved church. … Continued

The Common Read: To Kill a Mockingbird

Marylyn D discusses the messages in this novel.

Sharpen Your Pencil

Expressing yourself through writing is often difficult.  Mary W will discuss writing as self-expression and then a fun writing prompt will be given to help the congregation write more easily.

Where Do You Stand?

In honor of Labor Day, Brenda Shiring (proud member of United Food and Commercial Workers KS 1776) invites you to express your position on various issues important to the labor movement in 2018, using the popular “Where Do You Stand?” exercise. Which side are you on?