Soul Matters: What does it mean to be a people of VISION?

Kate CP will facilitate the first of the monthly theme-based services developed by the UUA. Incorporating a model of sharing: worship material, sermons and readings, we will join 145 other UU churches exploring a variety of topics each month. Despite the distances between us, we are spiritually connected by the themes, traveling each month on … Continued

Is Emerson Still Relevant?

Ralph Waldo Emerson left his Unitarian ministry in 1832 while still a young man, pursuing instead his own amalgamation of science, philosophy, literature, poetry and religion – with the latter having no higher status than the rest. Emerson’s views amount to a secular spirituality that might appeal to contemporary UU’s even more than it did … Continued

Being Shelter to Each Other

In what ways can this spiritual community be a refuge for all, especially in times of crisis and struggle? This morning we’ll explore how we care for one another and more ways to create safe space for both healing and homecoming