Slow down. You move too fast

Slow down.  You move too fast are words from a Paul Simon song from the past. And  yet we seem to be moving faster than ever. Marylyn Devlin will lead us in some relaxation exercises and meditation hoping to achieve more peace in our lives. Come to share your schedule and any ways you have … Continued

Annual Labor Day Weekend Picnic at Bear Hollow Park

Bring a dish to pass, something to grill, if desired (coals provided), place setting for yourself and the intention to have fun! Directions to Bear Hollow: Take a right turn out of our parking lot onto Sardis Road.  Go to Heather Drive. It is the entrance to the Heather highlands plan. Take a right onto … Continued

The Necessity of Discomfort

When a chick hatches from an egg or a butterfly from a cocoon, there is both struggle toward freedom plus the pain of metamorphosis. Can we live our lives accepting the pain that comes with growth and transformation? This is also Water Communion Sunday. Bring a small vessel of water from your summer adventure to … Continued