Speaker: Jennifer H

Confronting White Supremacy

Today’s central message features a 2021 conversation between Senior Minister Rev. Schuyler Vogel and Ember Kelley, Director of Religious Education at Fourth Universalist Society in New York City about how the proposed 8th Principle is a way to confront white supremacy. ESUUC has committed to … read more.

Sankofa and Meaning Making

Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana meaning, “return and retrieve it.” It is depicted by a bird with its head turned backwards while its feet face forward carrying a precious egg in its mouth. The Sankofa bird has been adopted as … read more.

Flower Communion

Celebrating Community. Come celebrate the 100th anniversary of Flower Communion. It is a treasured UU tradition and ceremony that celebrates community. RE will share a slide show or their activities and classes this year. Please bring a flower to the church or email a photo … read more.

Cultivating Joy: Erie’s New Americans

This service is devoted to learning about and celebrating Erie’s refugee communities. Jeanine A and Claudine N came to Erie as refugees from Rwanda a few years ago. They will speak about their experiences and share profiles of other New Americans. Music provided by … read more.

Basics of Unitarian Universalism

This morning we share Rev. Aaron White’s sermon from 2012, Who are we, how did we get here, and how do we explain this place? Rev. White served the First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

Stewardship Sunday

We will be sharing UUA President Susan Frederick Gray’s sermon on practicing gratitude as a way to get through tough times and inspire generosity of spirit.

Mess with Tradition

Sometimes honoring a tradition requires that we approach it anew, even “mess with it.” Holiday celebrations can be a time of going through the motions. What might you do this year to make them matter? Come with your story of how you made it matter … read more.

Stories Told and Untold

What does it mean to be a people of Story? On this day of honoring mothers, we must acknowledge the complexity of the relations in our lives, especially family relations, those most powerful influences.


How can hope be renewed in the face of cynicism and slow progress? How can we love the world all over again? This morning we will explore the theme of Renewal with our five senses.