When No UUs Look Like You…

When we talk about “identities on the margins,” often gender and sexuality come to mind right away. We may be slower to name “race.” Marianne J will share stories from her journey this past year as a UU who came to realize, after almost 18 years at East Suburban, that no one in her congregation looked like her.

Paying it Forward

Many of us are familiar with the concept of “paying it forward”; that is, returning a kindness, not to the giver, but to another person. Where did the term originate, and what role does “paying it forward” play in our everyday lives? How might a shared ethos of “paying it forward” make ours a better, kinder, and more fulfilling world?

Joy in a Time of Pandemic

During this stressful pandemic, joy may have seemed out of reach, but to experience wholeness we need to feel joyful. Please join Rev. Stephanie this Easter Sunday as we take time to celebrate and share our joys with one another. You’re invited to wear a colorful, festive Easter bonnet or other special attire to display … Continued