Champions of Vulnerability

We will explore how being more vulnerable is essential to working toward equity for all and helping to take better care of the planet. We will focus on Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, and Vandana Shiva.

Vulnerability in 2023

The word ‘vulnerability’ broke into the national dialogue in 2010 when Brene Brown’s TedX talk, “Power of Vulnerability” became one of the most viewed Ted Talks ever. This service will explore what vulnerability means today, the ways it applies to our UU principles, and how … read more.

In Her Own Words

Meet Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, poet, fiction writer, journalist, activist — and Unitarian. The first African-American woman to publish a short story, Watkins Harper (1845-1911) is also known as “the mother of African-American journalism.” She worked tirelessly for abolition, and later for civil rights, women’s … read more.