Sources of our UU Living Tradition

Shared pulpit. What are your sources of wisdom and spirituality? Are the UU Sources enough for you, not enough, or too much? Let’s explore together, share, and grow.

Musical Traditions

What are some of your favorite musical selections? What music gives you comfort? What gives you inspiration? What do you turn to when you want to relax, or be comforted, or inspired, and how do you experience it? Sing in the shower, play an instrument, listen to music, rock out while nobody is looking, geek … Continued

Mess with Tradition

Sometimes honoring a tradition requires that we approach it anew, even “mess with it.” Holiday celebrations can be a time of going through the motions. What might you do this year to make them matter? Come with your story of how you made it matter or plan to make it matter…by engaging it in a … Continued