Rev. Stephanie Gannon

Being Held in Mystery

As Unitarian Universalists, many of us tend to be thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. When do we slow down to truly receive the mystery of life, where there are no answers, but rather a sense of oneness and unity? Inspired by various Christian mystics as well as those from earth-centered traditions, I will focus in … Continued

By Their Roots You Shall Know Them

James Luther Adams, arguably the greatest Unitarian Universalist theologian, was born on November 12, 1901. As we begin reflecting on the new monthly theme of Memory, I want to explore what this renowned social ethicist has to teach us today about the importance of historical memory in shaping our justice work. His was no armchair … Continued

Being Shelter to Each Other

In what ways can this spiritual community be a refuge for all, especially in times of crisis and struggle? This morning we’ll explore how we care for one another and more ways to create safe space for both healing and homecoming

The Power of Yes

This month we explore the theme of Possibility. What are your hopes for the new year? What is keeping you stuck? What do you need to let go of or release in order to create new, healthier patterns for yourself and your community? In this first service of 2019, I would like to introduce the … Continued