If you want to do something about food insecurity, you can:

  • Donate money. NOTE: the County food banks get a LOT more food with your $1 than you can get at the store, even “on sale” and “with coupons.” So we invite you to give money instead of food items, if you can.
  • Donate food (see list of preferred items) to one of these locations:
    • ESUUC – only during the November drop-off windows for Stone Soup ingredients. Leave items in a bag, clearly labelled “Food Bank Donation” so we don’t mix it up with the ingredients to make ESUUC’s Stone Soup.
    • Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry located at Newlonsburg Church in Murrysville (instructions to donate food)
    • any of the Westmoreland County Food Bank drop-off sites