Environmental Justice Panel Discussion

One in a series of services spotlighting Environmental Justice.  Our goal is to articulate and identify actionable opportunities for us locally and around Pittsburgh to engage with our neighbors and live our values. Panel members are Bob M from First Church in Pittsburgh and Kathy H from PA Interfaith Power and Light.

Sustainability 101: Ecology as the Heart of Theology

Bestselling TEDx speaker and eco-theologian, Rev. Michael Dowd, discusses the historical and ecological wisdom of true sustainability and how it differs from greenwashed “sustainability”. He also offers tools and insights for staying sane and grateful in otherwise crazy-making times.

Water Communion (Intergenerational)

Children, youth, and adults are all invited to participate in our annual Water Communion, using water as a symbol of connection to each other and to our own lives. Details can be found in the September newsletter.

The Legacy of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania

In addition to steel making, coal mining was one of the industries that transformed western Pennsylvania. This Labor Day we will look at the social and environmental legacy of coal mining.

Practicing Allyship: Lessons from Artists

We will explore what it means to be an ally of an oppressed group, drawing from writers, musicians, painters, and other artists for inspiration and guidance for head, heart, and soul.

Trash Art

Using what we’ve got to create beautiful-in-spirit and mediocre-in-execution art and household items. Cari A., a lifelong craft store enthusiast, will share reflections and experiences on the intersection of art therapy, reduced consumerism, acrylic paint, contentedness. Themes: healing through creating, sustainability, humility, hot glue.


Tim W. discusses the spiritual aspects of his craft. Part of our “Creativity and Spirituality” series.

Reflection: A Sense of Place

Mary W. will lead us in a spiritual writing exercise that asks us to remember significant places of the past, describe them, and ponder what they meant to us.