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Widening the Circle: Let it Be a Dance We Do

The Fifth Sunday Fellowship is an experimental worship collaborative made up of five women, and three congregations. Coming to the end of 2023, we will reflect on our relationships, from the personal to the global. Please join us as we reflect on, and celebrate this … read more.

The Carols of Christmas

Join Brenda S. and Alan H. for our traditional, story-centered Christmas Eve service, this year held in the morning for your convenience! Along with the normal facets of a Sunday service, we’ll bless the babies of the recent year, hear stories, sing songs, assemble the … read more.

Blue Holiday Service

This ESUUC tradition is a contemplative service that acknowledges and honors the heavy, sad, or complicated feelings that can arise during the winter holidays of light and joy. We hope you will join us.

Implicit Bias in Zootopia — and Elsewhere

What can you learn from a cartoon rabbit? If that cartoon rabbit is Zootopia’s Judy Hopps, you might learn some things about what implicit bias is, and how it works. Judy has faced discrimination and discouragement in her chosen work because of her small stature … read more.

The Great Stone Soup Caper

This year’s Stone Soup Sunday service features a new play starring the ESUUC Players, written by Brenda S. Amateur sleuth Miss Marble tries to solve the strange culinary mystery: who made such delicious soup? Was it Nicky, the butcher? Billie, the farmer? Terry, the delivery … read more.

Plastics – problems and solutions

We will share a video and have a discussion on why plastic is a problem and what we can do about it. Presented by the Green Sanctuary Committee.

Generosity as a UU Value

Do you believe that generosity a value shared by UUs? Explore several meanings of “generosity” and what role “generosity” plays in your personal values.