Basics of Unitarian Universalism

This morning we share Rev. Aaron White’s sermon from 2012, Who are we, how did we get here, and how do we explain this place? Rev. White served the First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

Shared Pulpit – Rev. Deryck Tines

Pittsburgh’s North Side Allegheny UU hosts the shared pulpit with Rev. Deryck Tines. See the May newsletter for the Zoom meeting information.

In her Own Words

Elizabeth L. presents a sermon by Rev. Dr. Barbara Lundblad. Rev. Lundblad preaches the story of the Syrophoenician Woman from the gospel of Mark. This woman only gets one line in the Gospel, but Lundblad wonders what she would say if we had more time to listen? And how might we hear, through it, the … Continued

Growing Queerness

Pastor AJ Blackwood will be with us to share thoughts and give insight into how we as UUs can respond to the ever changing and growing understanding of Queer (LGBTQ+) culture.

A Time to Be (Re)born

This Easter, Brenda S. looks at the themes of rebirth and renewal embodied not only in Easter, but also in many other spring holidays both religious and secular. As the world is reborn all around us, how can we find renewal and new purpose in our own lives? All ages are welcome.

The Stories That Stick

We may think of stories as what help put us to sleep. Instead, let’s explore how stories lead us into awakening, by helping us live within the challenging moments of transition. More information can be found in April’s newsletter.

What About Joy?

Let us come together this Sunday to think about our Universalist Christian roots as a faith while also asking what Joy means to us as humans who experience suffering and pain. Come ready to name a Joy in your life! Where is the Joy in our lives?

Darwin’s Interconnected Web

Charles Darwin comes to the pulpit, some 213 years after his birth. He shares tales of his Unitarian childhood, his growing doubts, and stories of his famous voyage. Along the way, his book, his theories (particularly on humanity), and then-current events are explored

Stewardship Sunday

We will be sharing UUA President Susan Frederick Gray’s sermon on practicing gratitude as a way to get through tough times and inspire generosity of spirit.