The Role of Reason in Religion

From the roots of Humanism along with the Transcendentalists, comes the odd idea that if we can improve on the ideas of faith, we should do so.

Culture as a Source of Living Tradition

Live from 12 hours’ time difference, we welcome Rev. Tet Gallardo, President and Executive Minister serving the UU Church of the Philippines, to ESUUC to orient us to Unitarian Universalism in the Philippines.

Understanding Yourself, Understanding America

The nature of the call to spiritual and social justice work is one addressed in many spiritual, religious and wisdom traditions. Today we will address it via America’s Civic Religion: Christianity.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In anticipation of the Columbus Day holiday in October, Indigenous Peoples’ Day seeks to affirm the history and culture of native peoples while debunking the Doctrine of Discovery and colonialism.

Minding Nature

Rev. Renee Ruchotzke offers an exploration about how we might heal our relationships with each other and with the planet through her experience with Permaculture.

The Power of Maybe

These are times that continuously and urgently call us to adapt radically in the midst of unimagined stresses. We yearn to be resilient and willing to respond with a resounding “yes! and……” and not the defensive, selfprotective “no”. But how do we get from our human reaction of “no, too much” to a truly authentic … Continued

Ingathering/Water Communion Sunday

THIS SUNDAY IS ZOOM only – NO in-person gathering.

Everyone is invited!
Children, youth, and adults are all invited to participate in Water Communion this Sunday on Zoom, using water as a symbol of connection to each other. Have water that you can pour and a vessel to pour into. We’ll reflect and share what our water symbolizes to us about new beginnings/growing, sadness/grief, transitions/moving from one thing to another, and endurance/things that last. The children are welcome to stay for all the sections, but may wish to leave after new beginnings/growing since they will have been in Religious Ed since 9:30am. Details will be provided on when you can bring your poured water to ESUUC to be combined with water from past years.

The Bail Trap – Shared pulpit

In America, we learn that you are innocent until proven guilty. But sadly, that only seems to apply to the rich. You will see three short videos explaining the unfair bail system that operates in most states including Pennsylvania.

The Scout Mindset

Based on the book “The Scout Mindset” by Julia Galef, this service will explore the two types of thinking Galef examines: the scout mindset, where reasoning is like mapmaking; and the soldier mindset, where reasoning is like defensive combat.

Culture, Spirituality and the Dining Table

When we consider food and tradition, we usually refer to favorite holiday recipes or memorable family celebrations. Daily, however, we engage in rhythmic routines around food that equally contribute to our cultural interpretation of food. We’ll look at the many ways that we gather at our tables and explore the ways in which food connects … Continued