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The Gift of Pluralism

We sometimes resist interacting with people who are different from us, and shy away from engaging with ideas that seem “foreign.” But to reach our potential, we must move beyond what is familiar, and take the risk of seeking out things that are new and … read more.

Flower Communion – Celebrating Community

It is a treasured UU tradition and ceremony that celebrates community. Bring a flower to the church or email a photo of a favorite flower to include. Led by our Commissioned Lay Minister Marianne Jew and Gayle Pamerleau. 

Reinventing Yourself

We will look at the lives of people who reinventied themselves, from Harvey Milk to Laura Ingalls wilder to Peter Mark Roget to Grandma Moses, and we will consider what we can learn from them for our souls and for our personal and professional lives. 

The Forever War

We live in a country that is constantly involved in military conflicts, either our own or those of our allies. Who gains, and who loses, from this “forever war”?

Repentance and Repair

This service will focus on the UU Common Read for 2023-24, On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World by Danya Ruttenberg. In this book, Rabbi Ruttenberg shares wisdom from the medieval Jewish physician and philosopher, Maimonides, to explore accountability practices that can … read more.

On Mothering

Seminarian Elizabeth Lee will reflect on Mothering on this Mother’s Day.

Love’s the Thing

According to the Ancient Greeks, there are 8 different kinds of love. However you look at it, any kind of love can be messy. It’s not always hearts, flowers, chocolates, and happily ever after. Presented by Stephanie Pawlowski, CLM First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

Margie M. is a meditation coach who offers weekly meditation sessions at the Monroeville Public Library. This Sunday she will be a guest speaker and will engage us in soothing, guided meditation.