Speaker: Cari A

Vulnerability in 2023

The word ‘vulnerability’ broke into the national dialogue in 2010 when Brene Brown’s TedX talk, “Power of Vulnerability” became one of the most viewed Ted Talks ever. This service will explore what vulnerability means today, the ways it applies to our UU principles, and how … read more.

Trash Art

Using what we’ve got to create beautiful-in-spirit and mediocre-in-execution art and household items. Cari A., a lifelong craft store enthusiast, will share reflections and experiences on the intersection of art therapy, reduced consumerism, acrylic paint, contentedness. Themes: healing through creating, sustainability, humility, hot glue.

The Magic of Food

A curious gourmand explores the spiritual power of food and the ways it enlivens the memory and connects us to our ancestors.